Tuiny for V4


These qualities have been carried over into the creation of bump and specular maps which have been processed to reduce or eliminate the influence of surface color and tone while enhancing those details that contribute to the reproduction of the specular qualities of skin. At the same time great care has been made to preserve the full range of variation in color and skin tone in the full color maps. The result is a superior set of texture maps with potential for photo-realism of the highest standard.
This set includes two, head morph INJ files, the first (01 Tuiny Head 1 INJ) is completly original, so you do not need to own Daz++ morphs to use this. The second (02 Tuiny Head 2 INJ) combines the above mentioned original morph with Daz++ morphs to slightly reduce the size of the eyes. After INJection, the dial for the original head morph will be found at the bottom of the Parameters tab for ‘Body Parts > Head’ under Injection Channels > Community (preset at 1.000), and the Daz++ morph dials (if used) will be found in their usual location. Body morph files are not a part of this set.
In addition to the default face you will find 4 makeup options, optional eyelashes and 9 hues of eye color generated from just 2 eye texture maps with the help of Poser’s Material Room shader software.


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