TX Teen Madison for G9 G8 G8.1

"She is so whimsical, rebellious, and temperamental, but also so sweet and beautiful. She is the girl I fell in love with in high school, and whom I will never forget."

Ultra-realistic Young Female Character Bundle for Genesis 9, Genesis 8, and Genesis 8.1F – Inspired by Anime and Gamer Girls, her makeup, nails, and skin exude the cutest charm you've ever seen.

Experience NEW and Enhanced top-quality textures with 8K Micro Skin Details, ensuring breathtaking close-ups and mesmerizing portraits. The bundle features separate head and body morphs that seamlessly integrate with G9/8/8.1 meshes inside Daz Studio

TX Teen Madison, is a Super Cute and Sexy Teen Model, representing the pinnacle of young feminine beauty.

Prepare to be entranced as you delve into the mesmerizing intricacy of her body and skin. From the cutest freckles to the tiniest fingertips and glutes micropores, every inch reveals an extraordinary level of detail. Her super delicate hands and feet have been meticulously sculpted by hand, following real references.

– Head morph for G9/8/8.1
– Body morph for G9/8/8.1
– 8K Micro Skin Details for G9 UV's, G8 UV's and separate maps for G8.1 UV's
– 2 Face Skin Options with ACNE ON\OFF Controls
– 2 Torso Skin Options with ACNE ON\OFF Controls
– 9 Super Cute Anime and Fantasy Makeup Styles
– 5 Eye Colors including Natural and Fantasy Styles
– 7 Cute & Cartoon Finger/Toenails colors
– Genitalia maps included

Immerse yourself in her enchanting world of beauty and charm, and get ready to fall in love. The captivating allure of her features will leave you spellbound, and you won't be able to resist being captivated by her every nuance.

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