Undress and Get Dressed Poses with Clothes and Morphs for Genesis 9

Undress and Get Dressed Poses is a stand-alone pose and clothing package that includes 10 different dress/undress poses and 2 versatile clothing items: a racerback top/bra and boyshorts.

For each of the included poses, both the top and shorts feature 10 morphs (for a total of 200 morphs) that range from simple, proper fits (named 'Fits well or Perfect fit') to more dynamic morphs, as well as holding and pulling clothes or even clothes on the floor or lying on body areas.

The included morphs are varied and dynamic and can be adjusted to custom shapes or poses by fine-tuning with the included helper morphs.

One can easily create unique situations with the combination of poses and morphs, especially partial poses and matching morphs, which offer an additional tool for customizing and exploring.


The included clothing items are based on our Zero One clothing set (not required), which makes them fully compatible with any texture included in the main Zero One package, as well as the Zero One texture add-on packages, both current and future.
With all the add-ons available the included garments can range from lace lingerie to a sporty set or a dystopian underwear.

This product includes 1 texture style only, the ribbed cotton with orange trims and details in white and petrol blue, shown in some of the promo images.

The other styles used in the promo images come from Zero One texture add-ons available in our store: Customize Vol 1 for Zero One; Customize Vol 2 for Zero One; Expressive Styles for Zero One; Dahlia Lingerie, Variety Styles, Cyberpunk Styles and Futuristic military Styles for Zero One.

Undress and Get Dressed Poses with Clothes and Morphs for Genesis 9: (.DUF)
10 Full Body Poses
10 Lower Body Poses
10 Upper Body Poses
10 Arm Poses
10 Legs Poses
Pose 01:
All Down-01
All Up shoulders down-01
All Up-01
Big with frills-01
Down arms inside-01
Grab All Down-01
One Shoulder Down-01
Side Grab-01
Very small-01
Pose 02:
All front-02
All up-02
Fun style-02
Messed up-02
On the floor-02
One Shoulder-02
Side Grab Pull Down-02
Small size-02
Neck and shoulder-02
Pose 03:
All Down-03
All front from back-03
Around Neck-03
Fits Well-03
On the floor-03
Only Shoulders-03
Over the back neck-03
Random Down-03
Small size-03
Very large-03
Pose 04:
Cyberpunk style-04
Frame style-04
In the Right hand-04
Inner style-04
Shoulders Down-04
Side Grab Pull Down More-04
Side Grab Pull Down-04
Top chest style-04
Very big style-04
Pose 05:
Arms inside-05
Decoration style-05
Grab left hand pull down-05
Grab right hand pull down-05
In the right hand-05
Large and frilly-05
Over the right thigh-05
Shoulders inside-05
Very small style-05
Pose 06:
Arms Inside-06
Down one hand grab-06
Fingers Grab-06
Frame style-06
Full down-06
High cut style-06
Shoulders Grab Alt-06
Shoulders Grab-06
Simple Grab Both hands-06
Simple style-06
Pose 07:
Holding with both hands-07
Loose and Simple-07
Right Hand Grab-07
Shoulders Grab-07
Simple Stretch-07
Small Size-07
Stretch Around Neck-07
Super big-07
Super longer-07
Very small-07
Pose 08:
Big and loose-08
Grab Forearm Inside-08
Hand inside-08
Left hand grab-08
Left hand inside-08
Right hand grab-08
Shoulders Grab-08
Simple Side Grab No Shoulders-08
Simple Side Grab-08
Small size-08
Pose 09:
Around Neck Both Hands-09
Both Hands Grab-09
Holding with both hands-09
Micro style-09
Right Hand Grab-09
Short and Large-09
Shoulders Grab-09
Skirt style-09
Smaller size-09
Very big-09
Pose 10:
Big and loose-10
Front Grab-10
Hands Inside Alt-10
Hands Inside-10
Shoulders down-10
Simple Front Grab-10
Smaller size-10
Thumbs inside-10
Very small-10
Shoulder Very Down-10
Pose 01:
All Front-01
Back Grab-01
Down to knees-01
Grab Both Hands Alt-01
Grab Both Hands-01
Left leg with grab-01
On the floor-01
Raise Up-01
Shorts Behind-01
Wrists inside-01
Pose 02:
Ankles height no hands-02
Ankles height right hand-02
Fun style-02
One Leg-02
Over the Knees -02
Raise or Pull-02
Simple Pull Down-02
Simple Raise-02
Small size-02
Right Leg-02
Pose 03:
Bottom Grab-03
Holding both hands front shin-03
Left Hand-03
Left Leg-03
Micro size-03
Over the right foot-03
Pull Up-03
Small size-03
ight Leg-03
Simple down-03
Pose 04:
Full Grab-04
Fun style-04
In the right hands-04
Left Hand-04
Pull Up-04
Small high rise style-04
Small size-04
Very small size-04
Wrists insde-04
Pose 05:
Fits Well-05
Forearms inside-05
Full Down-05
In the Left Hand-05
Micro style-05
On the floor-05
One Leg Grab-05
Over the shoulders style-05
Pull Down and Grab-05
V back style-05
Pose 06:
Back down-06
Down to floor-06
Down to knees-06
Down to thighs-06
Grab with Both Hands-06
On the floor-06
On the shoulders-06
Small style-06
Super micro-06
Very high hands grab-06
Pose 07:
Decoration style-07
Down to ankles-07
Grab Both Hands-07
In the left hand-07
Side grab-07
Simple down-07
Simply Down-07
V arms inside-07
V Style-07
Pose 08:
Big loose style-08
Down to knees-08
Grab with both hands-08
High Rise-08
In the left hand-08
Low rise-08
Lower Rise-08
On the floor-08
V Style-08
Very high rise style-08
Pose 09:
Down to ankles-09
Down to knees-09
Down to thighs-09
High rise V shape-09
High rise-09
Holding both hands-09
Left hand holding-09
Left Leg-09
Shorts Style-09
Smaller size-09
Pose 10:
lternative down-10
Down to knees-10
Forearms Inside-10
Grab Both Hands-10
High rise style-10
On the Right forearm-10
Right hand grab-10
Simple down-10
Small Size-10
Very Small-10
Textures Include:
24 Texture, Glossy, Metallic, Normal, and Roughness Maps (4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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