US Infantry WWII M43

US Infantry WWII M43

US GI WWII late war uniform (dec. 1944-1945), 28th Infantry Division for Michael 4. The M-1943 Jacket and Combat Boots were introduced in combat late war starting from november 1944, in the Ardennes, Belgium, Holland, Germany. He wears the M-1936 musette usualy used by paratroops, officers and mechanized troops. His haversack has been left aside for a quick assault loaded with ammunition bandoleer and bags.


conforming clothing :

– M-1943 Jacket
– Combat Boots
– Serge wool trousers
– M-1936 Bag (Musette)
– M-1923 Cal 30 cartridge belt
– M1 ammunition bag
– Bandoleer
– Suspenders
– 28th Infantry Division “Keystone” shoulder patch

props :

– M-1910 Canteen
– M1 Garand
– M1 garand sling
– cal 30 ammo clip on chest
– M1 Helmet
– M3 knife in scabbard and in hand
– M-1943 shovel
– M8 scabbard
– MkII grenade on chest and in hand

poses :

– 7 poses for Michael 4

US Infantry WWII M43