V3 Gothica



‘Victoria 3 Gothica’ is a highly detailed two-piece fetish outfit designed for DAZ’s Victoria 3.

You may use this products for all your personal and commercial images but you may not
re-sell or re-distribute the original meshes/package whether in whole or in part.

2) Files list (what is included in the package)

i. Conforming Victoria 3 Gothica Top
ii. Conforming Victoria 3 Gothica Bottom
ii. Silver Refmap and Outfit Bumpmaps

3) Needed Files List (Files/Programs needed)

i. Poser 4 or 5 (ProPack Recommended – but not necessary)
ii. DAZ’s Victoria 3

4) Detailed Installation Instructions & Tips

Simply unzip the contents of the package to your Poser install directory.
The following is a list of locations where the content and it’s related files will install to:

i. Conforming Victoria 3 Gothica Top:
\Runtime\libraries\character\BVHV3 Gothica\
(BVHV3 Gothica Top.cr2, BVHV3 Gothica Top.png and BVHV3 Gothica Top.rsr)
*** BVHV3 Gothica Top.obj stored seperately at:
\Runtime\Geometries\BVHV3 Gothica\

ii. Conforming Victoria 3 Gothica Bottom:
\Runtime\libraries\character\BVHV3 Gothica\
(BVHV3 Gothica Bottom.cr2, BVHV3 Gothica Bottom.png and BVHV3 Gothica Bottom.rsr)
*** BVHV3 Gothica Bottom.obj stored seperately at:
\Runtime\Geometries\BVHV3 Gothica\

iii. Silver Refmap and Texture Bumpmaps :
\Runtime\Textures\BVHV3 Gothica\
(BVHLeatherBumpGOT.jpg and BVHSilverReflGOT.jpg)


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