V4 Survivor Set

Can Vicky make her way back home from the tropical isle she’s been stranded on?
With the V4 Survivor set she may just have a chance to complete the perilous
voyage and return to safe shores?

The V4 Survivor set not only provides your Vicky characters with a ragtag outfit
to safeguard her modesty but also provides an ocean-going class wooden raft
complete with a separate mast & sail, rudder and tarp. Also included in the set
are a few food items she will need to sustain her on the long trip as well as a
formidable knife with leg-sheath to use as a versatile tool or defensive weapon.

The complete raft is a fairly high poly-count model so its modular design will
allow you to load only the parts that are necessary for your scene requirements.
Also, this gives you the option to use a very basic raft design or one that has
all the extra elements added for a more complex one.

The set also includes a large water plane to set up your rafting scenes.

The included PZ3 file loads in the water plane and the raft completely loaded
with all of the props with a default lighting scheme – all you have to do is
add your V4 character and outfit her with the V4 Survivor clothing models and

A useful and versatile figure and prop set, the V4 Survivor package is an
ideal accessory clothing package that you can add to any of your V4 renders.
Plenty of sizing morphs will enable this outfit to fit most any V4 character.

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