Various Body Morphs for Genesis 9 Vol 1

Various morphs of a variety of types to fit the sexy & fantasy theme of any of your Genesis 9s characters.
These morphs are very realistic and provide a lot of flexibility for Genesis 9.

5 New Various Body Morphs for Genesis 9 with the spin of a dial!
All custom made in ZBrush!

The morphs are located in the Genesis 9/Actor/Full Body/Feminine/ and they can be dialed to your desired amount for mixing.

– ANVariousBodyG9V1_01 Apply
– ANVariousBodyG9V1_01 REM
– ANVariousBodyG9V1_02 Apply
– ANVariousBodyG9V1_02 REM
– ANVariousBodyG9V1_03 Apply
– ANVariousBodyG9V1_03 REM
– ANVariousBodyG9V1_04 Apply
– ANVariousBodyG9V1_04 REM
– ANVariousBodyG9V1_05 Apply
– ANVariousBodyG9V1_05 REM

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