Venetian Room

Take a trip to beautiful Venice. This charming Italian city is a place of romance, a place of beauty, and a place of history — and all of these traits are reflected in the beautiful Venetian bedroom by Exotica & Richabri.

Exquisite modeling on the room and props — right down to the wainscot moldings — is combined with sumptuous textures that recall the opulence and riches of days gone by. The room also includes an exterior with a balcony that leads through double doors into the room proper, giving you a host of gorgeous rendering possibilities. There are camera set-ups to let you instantly view the room or balcony from any angle, and matching light sets that guarantee the only dark corners will be the ones you want. This room is so beautiful that you really have to see it for yourself — nothing else can really do it justice. Start your Venice holiday today!

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