VH Joyce

VH Joyce is a Pretty little Winter Princess
She is a high quality character created for Victoria 4

What included:

1 Head Injection & Remove
1 Body Injection & Remove
1 Elf Ear Injection & Remove
1 Long Lashes Injection & Remove
8 Face expression & 1 Face zero expression
1 Base skin Injection
1 Fantasy skin Injection
3 Bonus Winter make up’s
8 Eye Colors
2 Sclera options
7 Eye Shadows with eyeliner
4 Eye Shadow without eyeliner
1 Natural Face
6 Lipstick Colors with Gloss
6 Lipstick colors without Gloss
1 Natural lip option with and without Gloss
6 Lashes Colors for sss mat
5 Lashes Colors for poser normal mat

* Poser 7+ Material Poses (.Pz2)
* Poser 9+ SubsurfaceScatter Material Poses (.Pz2)

This product is created for *Poser Only* !
This product has been tested in poser 7, 8, PP2010 & PP2012
This product has not been tested in DAZ Studio
No Daz Studio materials were created for this product the material need surface room adjustments in DAZ Studio

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