VM's LeRae for V4.2++A4

For everyone’s fantasy…this character has it all!


  • To obtain the correct look, first you must load V4.2. Add the ++ morphs, then the A4 morphs. Remove inverse kinematics from both legs then zero figure with joint editor.
  • LeRae’s body is composed of a combination of V4 and A4 morphs. Unless the clothing you are using contains a good set of morphs (as many do) you will find it less frustrating to remove the body morphs and any V4 clothing should fit.
  • Due to the use of both V4 morphs and Aiko 4 morphs. When applying hair, you may need to increase the scale of the hair to make it fit perfectly. Increase to 102% and any Victoria 4 hairstyle should fit her.

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