VUE xStream 2016 R2 – Build 104398

VUE xStream 2016 R2 - Build 104398

We are pleased to introduce VUE 2016 Release 2 (R2)!

These new releases reflect our commitment to bring new features and functionality to VUE and PlantFactory as frequently as possible. We plan to release incremental updates that introduce new functionality every 4 months.

Key new features in VUE 2016 R2 include:

360° VR Panoramas: VUE 2016 R2 enables the rendering of 360° panoramas as static images or animations, which are compatible with all of VUE’s render options, such as multi-pass or high dynamic range (HDR). When rendering a VR panorama, VUE automatically levels the camera perfectly to avoid unwanted distortion. Rendered VR panoramas are automatically recognized by Facebook, YouTube, and other panoramic compliant platforms as 360° images or videos.

Up to 16 Viewports:(1) VUE 2016 R2 enables you to set up to 16 viewports instead of the four traditional views. This feature is particularly useful on a multi-monitor system, to test various framing options or when adding more camera angles without touching any of the main scene setup. All additional viewports retain the same traditional options, such as render in view and the ability to set up as many perspective cameras as users would like.

UX/UI improvements:

Terrain modeling:

“Blend Terrain with Image” automatically modifies the Heightfield Terrain function graph (instead of modifying the terrain Heightmap).
Simplified “Resample Terrain” replaces “Resize Terrain”, to update terrain resolution without changing its size within the scene.
User Interface:

The “Interactive slider changes” option now also affects the mouse wheel for more dynamic visual display of users’ modifications in real-time.
Improved visibility in viewports as a result of revised wireframe selection colors.
The user interface is now locked when downloading an object or a scene from the extra content.

Easier access and editing of multiple materials through sub-menu hierarchy display.

VUE xStream 2016 R2 - Build 104398


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