Waves on the Beach

It’s time to invest in some beach front property for your 3D world. Buy this set and you’ll get 300 feet of prime beach front property, plus the power to control the waves and weather!

This is made possible with the Nerd 3D Wave tool. The wave tool is a system of magnets and EMC tricks that let you easily simulate waves in the ocean. You also get the beach set and the water disk. Plus you’ll get the drift fence figure with EasyPose and MagicMagnets, three light sets, and six wave poses. The included drift fence figure has Easy Pose and uses magnet magic to simulate the way sand naturally gathers around a fence. Just add the fence to the scene and dial in the sand depth you want. The beach set includes a sky box and two 360? sky textures. There are also three light sets, the same light sets used in the promo renders. The water disk set is big enough to float a battle ship, or to sink it. Create any sort of sea conditions by using the wave tool to add huge swells or tiny ripples.

This set includes complete discrete installations for both Poser and DAZ Studio. The figures and textures are different. Scenes created on one won’t look right if opened in the other. Poses are interchangeable with some adjustment.

Download from QtyFiles Service