West Park Lobby

UPDATED: 2015-01-07 – Updated Metadata.Removed .daz light set from DS Installer.Removed Legacy Metadata from Legacy Installer.Removed .duf.png from DS Installer.Fixed pathing. Upated to DIM files.

West Park Lobby is an add-on for the original 3D interior West Park set. It introduces a staircase section, leading off to various rooms and corridors. Use this set and West Park to create a detailed interior scene with lots of possibilities.

Two preloads are included, one to load the components of the Lobby and the other to load parts from West Park into the Lobby set. Other corridors can be loaded by using the preloads in the West Park set.

Also included is the DAZ Studio light set used to create the promos (no compositing).

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer
1 Poser Core Installer
1 DAZ Studio Legacy Installer

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West Park



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