Membership Structure

The community is designed so that each member is useful to the rest of the community.
Each site user is assigned his own role, depending on the type and degree of contribution to its development.


The Administrator is responsible for the correct work of the server on which the site is located and ensures its network security.
He buys and updates the necessary plugins and scripts in a timely manner.
Supports the feedback from visitors.


The Manager is responsible for the Art Gallery and runs contests among the artists in the community.
Helps the administrator to communicate with users in Community Groups.
Has the capabilities of “Eminent”, and also has the ability to publish his posts without moderation.


The Editor moderates all pending posts.
He edits the content in the Catalog section and does not participate in the bonus points program.
Supports feedback from the authors of publications.


Eminent is the one who has added more than 200 posts to the Catalog.
Has the capabilities of “Contributor” and, if desired, can exchange his points for a gift certificate from DAZ3D and Renderosity.


Contributor buys 3D content and shares it in the Catalog. Has from 10 to 200 publications.
In return, he receives points (pts) from other participants with a 90% profit share and credits (CRD) in the QtyFiles Service.

  • The accumulated points can be used to get links to download those products that have been published by other members of the community.
  • Accumulated credits can be used to renew your premium account on the QtyFiles Service website. 10 CRD = 1 premium month.


Subscriber gets points by exchanging a gift certificate from DAZ3D or Renderosity.
Buys a premium account in the QtyFiles Service and contributes to the extension of the retention periods of the files downloaded by “Contributors” and “Eminents”.
In return, he gets access to the richest collection of 3D products, which has been created over 10 years by the efforts of many members of the 3d-stuff Community.


Inactive – recently registered user of the site.
And also “Subscriber” who hasn’t visited the community site for six months. After a month of inactivity, these accounts are deleted from the website database.


Banned is the one who contributed to the leakage of confidential information and endangered the safety of community members.

Thanks to the QtyFiles API and AntiLeecher software, it is possible to find the violator and permanently block his account.


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