Principles of Community

We strive to create an environment that unites people, which is both interesting, safe, cognitive and unique for each user. That is why we call for responsibility, mutual respect and decency. The present principles of the community are created in order to make it clear what it means to be a participant 3d-stuff Community.
Accept our rules. The community exists and develops due to the created rules, they are the main engine of our growth. If you want to become a full-fledged participant, get access to our services and a catalog of materials, then you must accept and comply with our rules.
Do not try to deceive, developed over many years, the system, stuff the domestic currency, spam or fraud, spread files of our members to other file sharing.
The path of deception is the path to nowhere. Sooner or later, the intruder will be identified and blocked. The only sure way is to follow our rules.

Respect the community. There are many different people in it, each of whom has the right to security, comfort and respect during a visit 3d-stuff Community. Therefore, be polite and respectful in communication. We do not tolerate attacks, pejorative and insulting statements, threats, harassment, illegal actions, invasion of privacy, propaganda of racial intolerance, abusive behavior, vulgar and obscene material, and other unacceptable behavior, including disclosure of personal information of participants. Do not spread information that is false, misleading or contains an insult to the honor and dignity of another person. It is inadmissible to use pejorative slang expressions.

Share your knowledge and experience. And in return, get the knowledge and experience of others. Help the newcomers, let them ask questions and apply the received knowledge. Help the development of the community, make purchases in 3D stores and share them in our Catalog. By subscribing to premium access to, you extend the storage time of our archives on the file sharing service.

Everything is very easy and simple!

Everyone finds the right way, and everyone benefits!

Every user makes this site what he is, so do not be afraid to get involved!



  1. Hello, I did not really understand the principle of downloading. You have to pay a gift card to register, but then you have to pay to download the file … what are the points for? it’s just to access links that can not be downloaded without paying? it’s starting to be expensive

    1. The points encourage everybody to share not just to download. More you share more points you earn here and at too. There is also system of points and you can buy new month’s membership using them and saving real money))

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