Wild Dog Rose - Flowering

Wild Dog Rose - Flowering

Wild Dog Rose – Flowering Hedgerow Shrubs for Daz Studio is the perfect plant for the perfect wild look! There are 30 lovely flowering, fruiting, and foliage-only wild rose bushes that will grace a digital hedgerow, thicket, or woodland edge.

Plant these beauties among urban sprawl or in a natural setting, and enjoy the subtle charm of their flowers and delicate foliage, which is guaranteed to soften even the most stark wasteland or brighten up a dark forest glade!

These lovely models of flowering shrubs have been created with a medium polygon count for use in mid-distance and distant settings and come with a full set of seasonal materials that can be applied to any of the models, giving you the full range with just a few clicks of your mouse!

Added to the lovely pink or white flower options, each plant comes with seasonal options with or without hips and flowers (as appropriate) and, of course, a foliage-only option too so they really can cover the full gamut of the seasons!

As always, a little goes a long way, and a single plant with instances whose Y-rotation and scale have been varied a little can look like a hundred different plants. These plants are great for use as scatters too!

So whether its something to brighten up a lane, a piece of wasteland, the edges of a field, or scrambling through tree stumps, there is something in these lovely plants that will fit the bill.

No such thing as a rose between two thorns in this bundle — every digital plant can help you create that sweet or thorny look!

Wild Dog Rose - Flowering

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