Wild Fantasy Hot Rod

Originally posted on May 1, 2018 @ 00:46

Paul McCartney would be right at home in this very retro styled fantasy Hot Rod.

The Wild Fantasy Hot Rod was created with showing off in mind and comes with lots of moving parts and surfaces to shade.

The Wild Fantasy Hot Rod is a fun prop for your automotive scenes, with included light presets, poseable steering wheel, windshield, pedals, shifter and dash instruments. There is a comprehensive set of posing sliders in the main figure’s Parameters Tab (just select the Wild Fantasy Hot Rod in the Scene Tab).

Included in this package is also three bonus murals to use with the default body mats, for a quick change of look.

Being right-hand drive, this hot rod was designed to be exotic and uniquely international, while being completely at home along side all the other cool and collectibles, also found in the Daz 3D store.

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