X Fashion O Rings Bikini for Genesis 9

Introducing the stunning X Fashion O Rings Bikini for Genesis 9 – a must-have addition to your 3D product collection.

This bikini set comes with 12 solid colors and 12 vibrant print options that are sure to complement any style or mood.

Crafted with precision and care, the O Rings Bikini features intricate details such as elegant metallic rings and adjustable straps for a comfortable and customizable fit.

Whether you’re hitting the beach or lounging by the pool, this versatile bikini will make you feel confident and glamorous.

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind piece – get your hands on the X Fashion O Rings Bikini today!

What’s Included and Features

X Fashion O Rings Bikini for Genesis 9
XF O Rings Bikini BP ON/OFF
Adj Back
Adj Breasts
Adj Buttocks
Adj Collar Sides
Adj Crotch
Adj Front Lower Ring
Adj Front Lower Trims
Adj Front Middle Trims
Adj Lower Front
Adj Lower Sides
Adj Middle Chest
Adj Sides Bottom
Adj Sides Lower Trims
Adj Sides Upper Trims
Adj Sides
Adj Upper Back Bottom
Adj Upper Chest
Adj Upper Sides
Collar Back
Lower Chest Front
Lower Trim Back
Middle Ring Front
Upper Ring Down
Upper Ring Front
Upper Ring Up
Upper Trim Back
Upper Trims Front
Supported Shapes:
Base Feminine
Base Masculine
Angela 9
Freja 9
Minerva 9
Pixie 9
Victoria 9
Ivar 9
Thimor 9
Full Body:
Body Fitness Details
Body Fitness Mass
Body Lithe
Body Muscular Details
Body Muscular Mass
Body Older
Body Thin
Body Tone
Mass Body
Body Pear Figure
Body Voluptuous
Body Portly
Body Stocky
Chest Shapes:
Breasts Cleavage
Breasts Diameter
Breasts Gone
Breasts Large
Breasts Natural
Breasts Small
Pectorals Cleavage
Pectorals Diameter
Other Shapes supported in Daz Studio by Auto-follow
12 Bikini Materials
12 Print Bikini Materials
Textures Include:
27 Texture, Normal, Roughness, Metallic, and Opacity Maps (4096 x 4096)
Texture Templates available through the Product Library
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)


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