XI Medium Mobility Attack Suit

Enemies will tremble with fear when they see the Medium Mobility Attack Suit enter the battle. The Medium Mobility Attack Suit is an exo-skeleton mech with 4 legs and a pilot seat.

The exo-skeleton mech comes with plenty of pose controls to pose the arms and legs. There's a weapon prop and 2 wearable presets for that weapon. Both the weapon and the suit have 6 different material options. The set also come with a pilot base pose for Genesis 9.

Get it for your war, battle, action, and sci-fi scenes.

XI Medium Mobility Attack Suit: (.DUF)
XI MMAS Exo Skeleton Mech:
Left Arm Forward
Left Forearm Bend
Left Front Foot Side-Side
Left Front Leg Up-Down
Left Hand Bend
Left Hand Fingers Close
Left Hand Twist
Left Rear Foot Side-Side
Left Rear Leg Up-Down
Left Shoulder Rotate
Left Upper Arm Side-Side
Right Arm Forward
Right Front Foot Side-Side
Right Front Leg Up-Down
Right Hand Bend
Right Hand Fingers Close
Right Hand Twist
Right Rear Foot Side-Side
Right Rear Leg Up-Down
Right Shoulder Rotate
Right Upper Arm Side-Side
Right Forearm Bend
XI MMAS Gun Wearable Left
XI MMAS Gun Wearable Right
XI MMAS G9 Pilot Pose
XI MMAS Gun Left Hand
XI MMAS Gun Right Hand
XI MMAS Exo Skeleton Mech Blue
XI MMAS Exo Skeleton Mech Camogreen
XI MMAS Exo Skeleton Mech Green
XI MMAS Exo Skeleton Mech Red
XI MMAS Exo Skeleton Mech Snow
XI MMAS Exo Skeleton Mech Yellow
XI MMAS Gun Blue
XI MMAS Gun Camogreen
XI MMAS Gun Green
XI MMAS Gun Snow
XI MMAS Gun Yellow
Textures Include:
93 Texture, Bump, Metallic, Normal, Roughness, Emissive and Transparency Maps (4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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