Aging Face Details HD for Genesis 9

Aging Face Details HD for Genesis 9 is a set of HD morphs that can be used on its own, or with additional packages.

It is designed to add aging features such as wrinkles to specific areas of the face and can be dialed in at any strength for full customization so you can choose what area you want to have affected. The morphs are universal in design meaning they can be applied to any character or custom shape. The set contains over 40 morphs which can be combined any way you want. It also contains preset examples to show how they all can work together.

Aging Face Details HD for Genesis 9: (.DUF)
Shaping Presets:
AFD Preset Example 1
AFD Preset Example 2
AFD Preset Example 3
AFD Reset All Details
AFD Reset Brow Details
AFD Reset Eye Details
AFD Reset Forehead Details
AFD Reset Misc Details
AFD Reset Mouth Details
01 Forehead Details:
AFD Forehead 01
AFD Forehead 02
AFD Forehead 03
AFD Forehead 04
AFD Forehead 05 Center
AFD Forehead 06 Center
02 Brow Details:
AFD Brow 01
AFD Brow 02
AFD Brow 03
AFD Brow 04
AFD Brow 05
AFD Brow 06
AFD Brow 07
AFD Brow 08
AFD Brow Center 01
AFD Brow Center 02
AFD Brow Center 03
AFD Brow Center 04
AFD Brow Center 05
AFD Brow Center 06
03 Eye Details:
AFD Eye 01
AFD Eye 02
AFD Eye 03
AFD Eye 04
AFD Eye 05
AFD Eye 06
AFD Eye 07
AFD Eye 08
AFD Eye 09
AFD Eye 10
AFD Eye Wrinkles Lower
AFD Eye Wrinkles Side
AFD Eye Wrinkles Upper
04 Mouth Details:
AFD Lip Detail
AFD Lip Lower Crease Lines
AFD Lip Upper Crease Lines
AFD Mouth 01
AFD Mouth 02
AFD Mouth 03
AFD Mouth 04
AFD Mouth 05
AFD Mouth 06
AFD Mouth 07
AFD Mouth 08
AFD Mouth 09
AFD Mouth 10
AFD Mouth 11
AFD Mouth 12
AFD Mouth Corner Folds
AFD Toothless Lips InOut
AFD Toothless Mouth
05 Misc Details:
AFD Chin Crease
AFD Neck
AFD Nose Crease
AFD Sink Cheeks

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