Fisio SB: Soft Bodies AddOn

2023-07-20 Product updated to correct issue with not showing in DIM

Fisio SB is the Soft Bodies Physics Simulation AddOn for Fisio, the Physics Simulator.

The main features of Fisio SB are:

Soft or deformable bodies are those that get deformed under the action of forces.
Any close-geometry prop or figure can participate in the simulation as a soft or deformable body.
There is no limit to the number of bodies in simulation, other than the computer’s memory.
The bodies can be subjected to animatable gravity and pressure points, and also to damping, point, directional, torque, oscillatory, or wind-type forces.
Soft bodies can interact with rigid bodies.
The motion of the soft bodies can be constrained by using links between them or with rigid bodies.
Like in the natural world, a body can be defined by its material and its shape.
The physical material nodes are the same as the ones in the Fisio core plugins, with some more properties exposed.
It can simulate four models of deformable bodies:
a) Springs: The most common; it works as a spring network. Useful for tissues, sheets, or hollow bodies.
b) Shell: It can simulate a great variety of body types but is the most appropriate for hollow bodies.
c) Cable: It works with rigged nodes to simulate cables and wires.
d) Tetrahedra: This is more appropriate for solid bodies.

Fisio: Physics Simulator: (.DLL and .DYLIB)
FisioSB Windows Fisio plugin add-on
FisioSB Mac OS Fisio plugin add-on
Actors (.DUF)
Simple rigged prop: Fisio Cable example.duf
Properties Presets (.DUF)
24 properties presets for Fisio Materials
Documentation: (.PDF):
FisioSB user’s manual
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Fisio: Physics Simulator

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