Twizted Body Morphs for Genesis 9

Twizted Body Morphs for Genesis 9 is a large pack of 87 morphs for the body.

These morphs can be used with the feminine base and masculine base morphs for better results.

This set has lots of options for each part of the body that can be used in character creation.

Twizted Body Morphs for Genesis 9: (.DUF)
Remove All Shaping Preset
TM Armpit Height
TM Arms Thickness
TM Elbow Define
TM Inner Arm Define
TM Armpit Smoother
TM Biceps Muscular
TM Forearm Muscular
TM Back Lower In
TM Back Dimples
TM Shoulder Blade Define
TM Back Spine
TM Back Width
TM Breast Areola Depth
TM Breast Asymmetry L
TM Breast Asymmetry R
TM Breast Cleavage
TM Breast Droop
TM Breast Implant 01
TM Breast Implant 02
TM Breast Larger
TM Breast Natural 01
TM Breast Natural 02
TM Breast Natural 03
TM Breast Perky
TM Breast Small 01
TM Breast Small 02
TM Breast Small 03
TM Breast Up
TM Breast Width
TM Chest Pecs 01
TM Chest Pecs 02
TM Chest Pecs 03
TM Collar Bone Define
TM Male Adams Apple
TM Neck Muscles Define
TM Neck Shorten
TM Neck Thickness
TM Neck Width
TM Ribs Define
TM Ribs Height
TM Ribs Width
TM Shoulder Flat
TM Shoulder Height
TM Shoulder Width
TM Traps Size
TM Toes Shape 01
TM Toes Shape 02
TM Toes Shape 03
TM Ankle Define
TM Ankle Size
TM Feet Define
TM Feet Size
TM Feet Tendons
TM Fingers Knuckles Define
TM Fingers Length
TM Hand Tendons
TM Hand Thickness
TM Wrist Bone Define
TM Wrist Size
TM Wrist Tendons
TM Glutes Defines
TM Glutes Height
TM Glutes Muscular
TM Glutes Size
TM Glutes Width
TM Hip Bone Define
TM Hip Bone Strength
TM Hips Depth
TM Hips Height
TM Hips Width
TM Calf Size
TM Knee Back Define
TM Knee Define
TM Legs Lower Size
TM Shin Define
TM Thigh Gap
TM Thigh Size
TM Thigh Muscular
TM Belly Skinny
TM Belly Fat Shape 01
TM Belly Fat Shape 02
TM Pubic Define
TM Pubic Height
TM Pubic Shape 01
TM Pubic Shape 02
TM Torso Abs
TM Waist Width

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