Control System

Understanding the necessity to keep an equitable balance between the interests of various users and striving for the
proportionality of rights and obligations among all participants, we have developed and implemented a balanced
management system aimed at the continuous development of the Community.

The main element of this system is Diamonds and Points. They are a type of bonuses that are awarded to site users for various actions on the community site.

Ways of getting Diamonds:

Adding premium content to the Catalog

45 diamonds from each user who opened the link to download the archive.

Exchange of DAZ3D Gift Card

More detailed information on the Exchange Page

Ways of getting Points:

Adding Public content to the Catalog

45 points from each user who opened your post.

For participation and winning Art contests

500 to 5 000 points

Participation in the affiliate program

5 000 points for referring a new active community member

For membership throughout the year

100 000 points yearly

On your birthday

50 000 points


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