The rules are followed by everyone and this is not discussed

This is a private site, which is the personal property of the site administrator.
We are very negative about various violations of our rules up to removal of violators from the site database.
To prevent this from happening to you, please do not break the rules.

If you follow the rules below, you may expect to have an appropriate attitude towards you at
The administration considers that every user is familiar with these rules on the site .
All disputed issues are resolved ONLY by correspondence with the administration.
If you find the Rules are not acceptable, then we ask you kindly to leave the site.
If everything is fine then welcome to the community of creative people!


You are allowed to use only latin letters and numbers

Not allowed:

To register with meaningless nicknames, for example dhbrdthb, sadghyuj, nicknames consisting of only numbers;
To use in nickname obscene words, website addresses, email addresses, etc .;
To register nicknames such as Admin, Moder, Master, etc .;
To create clones (several accounts belonging to one user).

Such accounts will be deleted without warning.
If the user provides incorrect information when completing the registration form, then his/her account can be deleted without warning.


All messages reflect the opinions of their authors, the administration of the site does not take any responsibility for them.

All messages and comments are post-moderated, i.e. the addition of messages occurs immediately. In case of violation of the rules, they will be edited or deleted at the discretion of the moderators.

The basis for moderation is formal control that all rules are followed, but the moderator’s actions may go beyond formal control – his task is to ensure that all users have the possibility of effective discussion. And to reach that the moderator usually is guided by his common sense and experience.

If you do not agree with the moderator’s actions, his reaction to violations of the rules, understanding the tasks of the forum, etc. and did not come to an understanding with him through communication, you can report this to the Administration without consulting with the moderator, or leave the site.

The administration of the site removes accounts, the topics, messages and other materials posted on the site by user’s request.

If you are here recently, do not flatter yourself in the tone of some discussions. Many people have known each other for quite long and can afford a sufficiently free tone in relation to each other. We advice you to be always polite.

Not allowed

Show disrespect to other users, slander the members of the site, as well as other people, insult, use foul language, threats, including in relation to the person, nationality, racial, political, religious affiliation of another participant or group of people.

Distribution of false information, viruses (malicious programs, Trojans).

Spam and flood in messages and comments.

It is not recommended to use a large number of CAPITAL LETTERS. Respect other users, they may think that you are shouting at them.

Messages that do not follow these rules will be deleted by moderators without explanation.

In the case of several violations, the user will get a warning.
People who violate these rules may loose access to the Community.


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