• If you follow the rules below, you can well count on the appropriate attitude towards you in the 3d-stuff community.
  • The site administration considers all registered users familiar with these rules.
  • All issues are resolved only by correspondence with the administrator.
  • If the rules do not suit you for something, then please leave the site.
  • If everything is in order, then welcome to the community of creative people!


All messages reflect the opinions of their authors, the site administration does not bear any responsibility for them.

All posts and comments are post-moderated, i.e. adding messages occurs immediately. In case of violation of the rules, they are edited or deleted at the discretion of the moderators.

The basis for moderation is formal control over compliance with these rules, but the actions of the moderator may go beyond formal control – his task is to ensure that all participants, guided by their common sense and experience, have the opportunity to effectively conduct the discussion.

If you do not agree with the actions of the moderator, his reaction to violations of the rules, understanding of the tasks of the forum, etc. and did not come to an understanding with him through communication, you can inform the Administration about this without agreement with the moderator, or leave the site.

The site administrator deletes, at the request of members, their accounts, topics they have created, messages and other materials that are published by them on the site.

If you are new here, don’t be fooled by the tone of some of the discussions. Many people have known each other for a long time and can afford a fairly free tone in relation to each other.

It is not recommended to use a large number of CAPITAL LETTERS. Respect your interlocutors, they may think that you are yelling at them.

Not allowed

Register with meaningless nicknames, for example dhbrdthb, sadghyuj, nicknames consisting of only numbers.
Use obscene words, website addresses, email addresses, etc. in the nickname.
Creation of clones (several accounts belonging to one user) without the knowledge of the site administrator.

Distribution of knowingly false information, viruses, malicious programs and Trojans. Spam and flood messages and comments.

Show disrespectful attitude towards interlocutors, slander site members, as well as other people, insult, use simple and obscene language, threats, including in relation to the person, nationality, racial, political, religious affiliation of another participant or group of persons.

It is forbidden to share the content or a link to it that you received from other members of the 3D-stuff community.

If the person who bought the content wants to share it with everyone on the Internet, then he will do it himself, without outside help.
If he shares his purchased content only in the private 3d-stuff community, then we must respect this decision.and not violate his right to safety.

Thanks to the QtyFiles API and AntiLeecher software, it is possible to find the violator and permanently banned his account.


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