Anime Lights and Backgrounds

Anime Lights and Backgrounds contains a varied collection of colorful HDRIs, along with a camera and a wrap-around, parented background. The backgrounds are stylized paint-overs of streets, landscapes, abstracts and comic style vector graphics. Nestle your stylized characters into an appropriate setting, and light them accordingly without having to spend an eternity in post.
Camera Backgrounds:
Blue Lake
Blue Scanlines
Blue Skyline
Blue Speedlines
Deep Woods
Fluffy Clouds
Japanese Houses
Sunset Lake
Neon Clouds
Orange Vignette
Painterly Bridge
Purple Speedlines
Sunset Skyline
Tokyo Alleyway
Tokyo Street
Toon Clouds
HDRI Lights
Blue and White
Desert Like Sky
Emerald River At Night
Green Streaks
Sunset Islands
Orange and Purple Sands
Pink Neon
Purple Blues
Sky Blue
Super Sun in Purple Sky
Desert Night
Yellow And Red
Utility Presets
10 x Exposure Presets
5 x HDRI intensity Presets
2 x DOF presets
Textures Include:
29 Texture, Bump, Displacement, HDR, Reflection, Emission, and Transparency Maps (4096 x 4096)

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