Gemma and Gemma Hair for Genesis 8 Female

Gemma is a new original character for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female!

This product contain:
– Gemma for Genesis 8 and 8.1 female as separated scene subsets. (With Hair and Eyebrows)
– Gemma Body and Head Morphs Apply and Remove preset (DUM Gemma Body / DUM Gemma Head)

Gemma is shorter than Genesis 8 default character and has a smaller head, it may need adjustment to use in combination with other characters.

– Gemma Hair with 10 different colors.
– Gemma Hair Highlights 10 different colors (Apply after main color)
– Gemma Eyebrows with 4 different colors.
The hair has 6 morphs, separated on Right/Left and Back, for movement and length.
It doesn't contain bones but there is a bone that you can hide on the scene tab called "Hide Bangs" to hide the hair covering her left eye.

– Apply Skin
– 3 Eye colors options

-10 Lipstick colors.

-10 Makeup Options.

– 10 Fingernails colors.

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