Whether he is defending his family from zombies or searching for supplies to survive, Marco is ready for action.

An extremely realistic man perfect for adventures, sci-fi, horror or romance.

In this package you’ll find:

– INJ Marco Head
– REM Marco Head
– INJ Marco Body
– REM Marco Body
– MAT Marco SSS
– MAT Marco
– MAT Marco Dirty SSS
– MAT Marco Dirty
– INJ M4 Genitals
– REM M4 Genitals
– MAT M4 Genitals SSS
– MAT M4 Genitals
– 6 MAT Eye colors SSS
– 6 MAT Eye colors
– 4 MAT Face SSS
– 4 MAT Face
– 2 MAT Hands SSS
– 2 MAT Hands
– 3 MAT Body SSS
– 3 MAT Body
– Xtra MAT for M3 Genitals SSS
– Xtra MAT for M3 Genitals

Plus a set of facial expressions created only for Marco composed of a basic face and 6 emotions.


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