RSSY Character Converter Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female to Genesis 9

Updated 2023-06-09:
Modified GetMorphType function to check an array of prefixes for matching the head or body morph names (now supports morph names that start with FHM *or* Head to identify the morph as a head)
Fixed bug thrown by DoCharacterDialog because of copy/paste error (this.sWhatsThis) in v1.0.1

Updated 2023-06-01:
Added user options for Transfer Utility settings to improve morphs
Added Distance Tolerance option
Added Adaptive Tolerance option
Fixed ExecuteScript to NOT do an IncludeFile call
Fixed bug in LoadMaterialSuits function where calling IncludeFile twice was messing up on the mac

Convert your favorite Genesis 8 characters to Genesis 9 characters! The Character Converter from Genesis 8 Female to Genesis 9 scripts transfer the morphs from beloved Genesis 8 characters to the next generation, Genesis 9. The Character Converter scripts provide easy batch execution for automatically converting your Genesis 8 character to a Genesis 9 character in your library. Even better, icons, categories, and the default materials* are copied from your original Genesis 8 character to the new Genesis 9 character.

The Character Converter script is extremely simple to use. Just select the characters to convert and click execute! There is also a Convert Scene Character script, which will copy a Genesis 8 character in the scene, with all currently used morphs, to a Genesis 9 character.

The Character Converter script cannot properly convert all Genesis 8 characters. Characters with extreme morphs may have problems, especially around the eyes.** Multi-part characters (e.g. a character that loads a figure and separate horns) cannot be converted. Material presets are also not converted. Default materials copied to your new Genesis 9 characters may have ugly seams and/or misaligned features due to the different UV layout.* Items without metadata can be converted but will not show up in Smart Content. They may also need to be converted using a Force Convert Item(s) button.


Convert Genesis 8 characters to Genesis 9 characters!
Unprecedented control over the eye area — use a special option included to scale and place the eyes of big-eyed characters like Girl 8, or let it run automatically for normal-sized heads and eyes like Victoria 8!
Mix morphs in your scene to create entirely new characters and then convert them to new Genesis 9 characters
Automatically copy a currently installed Genesis 9 Hierarchical Map to the new Genesis 9 characters
Copies icons from the Genesis 8 character to the Genesis 9 character for a professional look
Automatically convert almost your entire library of characters with one operation!
Supports the Material Suit line of products! Copy Genesis 8 materials to the new Genesis 9 characters without ugly seams*
Supports the Turbo Loader line of products! Convert your library of characters as fast as possible by turning off all the morphs for Genesis 8. If Turbo Loader is installed, the Character Converter script will enable only the morphs used by the Character Preset, convert the character, and then disable the morphs again
* The Material Suit product is needed to properly copy the materials from Genesis 8 to Genesis 9.

** A Character Converter Eye Placement script can be automatically invoked to help you manually scale and move the eyes for extreme eyes such as Girl 8.

RSSY Character Converter Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female to Genesis 9 (.DSA and .DSE)
Character Converter Eye Placement
Character Converter G8F to G9
Character Converter G9 User Manual
Character Converter Install Custom Actions
Convert Custom Character G8F to G9

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