SY Mysterious Magic VDB

Bring the power of VDB to your magic scenes with these in-engine effects! Combining rigged and static meshes with VDB pieces, this set creates effects never before seen for Daz Studio and Iray. Snow, ice, lightning, poison, a supernova explosion, and multicolored smoke are all here for your scenes!

Note: While Genesis 9 is used for scale in icons, and Genesis 8 and 9 both appear in promotional images, these pieces are not smartprops or conformers, and as such can be used with any figure or without a figure according to user preference.

SY Mysterious Magic VDB : (.DUF)
SYMYM Atmosphere Area
SYMYM Blood Vortex
SYMYM Colored Smoke 01
SYMYM Colored Smoke 02
SYMYM Colored Smoke 03
SYMYM Colored Smoke 04
SYMYM Colored Smoke 05
SYMYM Colored Smoke 06
SYMYM Colored Smoke 07
SYMYM Floating Rocks
SYMYM Glow Sphere
SYMYM Hand Ring 01
SYMYM Hand Ring 02
SYMYM Hand Ring 03
SYMYM Hand Ring 04
SYMYM Ice Projection Spell Lighted
SYMYM Ice Projection Spell
SYMYM Lightning Ball 01
SYMYM Lightning Impact 01
SYMYM Lightning Impact 02
SYMYM Lightning Rigged Bolt 01
SYMYM Lightning Rigged Bolt 02
SYMYM Particle Trail 01
SYMYM Particle Trail 02
SYMYM Ribbon Impact
SYMYM Rigged Fluid 01
SYMYM Rigged Fluid 02
SYMYM Rigged Fluid 03
SYMYM Rigged Ribbons
SYMYM Rigged Rocks
SYMYM Rigged Runic
SYMYM Skull Rigged Tail VDB
SYMYM Skull Trail None VDB
SYMYM Skull Trail Short VDB
SYMYM Snowburst 01
SYMYM Snowburst 02
SYMYM Snowburst 03
SYMYM Snowburst 04
SYMYM Supernova
Render settings:
Bloom OFF
Bloom For Lightning
SYMYM Vortex Blood
SYMYM Fluid Blood
SYMYM Fluid Water
SYMYM Poison Clear
SYMYM Poison Slime
SYMYM Glow Sphere Arcane
SYMYM Glow Sphere Bloody
SYMYM Glow Sphere Golden
SYMYM Glow Sphere Icy
SYMYM Glow Sphere Poison
SYMYM Hand Ring 02 00 Transmap 01
SYMYM Hand Ring 02 00 Transmap 02
SYMYM Hand Ring 02 00 Transmap 03
SYMYM Hand Ring 02 00 Transmap 04
SYMYM Hand Ring 02 00 Transmap 05
SYMYM Hand Ring 02 00 Transmap 06
SYMYM Hand Ring 02 01 Light Lower
SYMYM Hand Ring 02 01 Light Mid
SYMYM Hand Ring 02 02 Light Max
SYMYM 01 Lightning Blue
SYMYM 01 Lightning White
SYMYM Ribbon Impact Arcana
SYMYM Ribbon Impact Bloody
SYMYM Ribbon Impact Fiery
SYMYM Ribbon Impact Icy
SYMYM Ribbon Impact Poison
SYMYM Ribbon Impact Snow
SYMYM Ribbons Arcana
SYMYM Ribbons Bloody
SYMYM Ribbons Fiery
SYMYM Ribbons Icy
SYMYM Ribbons Poison
SYMYM Ribbons Snow
SYMYM Runic Arcana
SYMYM Runic Bloody
SYMYM Runic Fiery
SYMYM Runic Golden
SYMYM Runic Icy
SYMYM Runic Poison
SYMYM Runic Snow
SYMYM 00 Floating Rocks Multi
SYMYM 01 Floating Rocks Dark
SYMYM 01 Floating Rocks Light
SYMYM 02 Floating Rocks Hide Bigger Rocks
SYMYM 03 Rigged Rocks
SYMYM Skull Spell Green
SYMYM 01 Snow Mesh Dimmer
SYMYM 01 Snow Mesh
SYMYM Ice Projection Mesh Glow
SYMYM Ice Projection Mesh Opaque
SYMYM Ice Projection Mesh Refractive
SYMYM Supernova Arcana
SYMYM Supernova Bloody
SYMYM Hand Ring 01SYMYM Supernova Fiery
SYMYM Supernova Golden
SYMYM Supernova Icy
SYMYM Supernova Poison
SYMYM Supernova Snow
SYMYM Atmosphere Dense
SYMYM Atmosphere Glow Sphere
SYMYM Atmosphere Thin Dusty
SYMYM Atmosphere Thin
SYMYM Shader Red Mist
SYMYM 00 Smoke Density 0.001
SYMYM 00 Smoke Density 15
SYMYM 01 Smoke Aqua
SYMYM 01 Smoke Black
SYMYM 01 Smoke Blue Bright
SYMYM 01 Smoke Gray Light
SYMYM 01 Smoke Gray Medium
SYMYM 01 Smoke Green Mossy
SYMYM 01 Smoke Green Poison
SYMYM 01 Smoke Purple
SYMYM 01 Smoke Red
SYMYM 01 Smoke Teal
SYMYM 01 Smoke White
SYMYM 01 Smoke Yellow Canary
SYMYM 02 Lightning Steam Blue
SYMYM 02 Lightning Steam White
SYMYM Particle Trail Steam Green Thinner
SYMYM Particle Trail Steam Green
SYMYM Poison Spell Green
SYMYM Poison Spell Skull Tail Green
SYMYM Rock Array Dust
SYMYM Rock Dust
SYMYM 02 Snow Steam Shader 01
SYMYM 02 Snow Steam Shader 02
SYMYM 02 Snow Steam Shader 03
SYMYM 02 Snow Steam Shader 04
SYMYM 02 Snow Steam Shader 05 Ring
SYMYM 02 Snow Steam Shader 06 Ring
SYMYM 02 Snowfire Shader Ring 03
Nova Shader Arcana
Nova Shader Bloody
Nova Shader Fiery
Nova Shader Golden
Nova Shader Icy
Nova Shader Poison
Nova Shader Snowy
Textures Include:
51 Texture and VDB Maps (1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)

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