Tactical Props

Tactical Props is a versatile collection of 22 props that give your character the necessary equipment to carry out a wide range of missions.

With usability at the forefront of this pack, it comes with clean and used versions of all props, covering you in all situations. (The Minus TP Badge and TP Whistle just have clean versions.)

Additionally, for ease of use when rendering, all textures come with the option of HD (4k) and SD (1K) texture qualities, allowing you to pick where and when to add that extra detail.

So embark on your first mission today with Tactical Props at your side!

Tactical Props: (.DUF)
Scene Subsets:
Flashlight OFF
Flashlight ON
Flashlight Small OFF
Flashlight Small ON
Zero Props:
Ballistic Shield
Breaching Ram
Flashlight Small
Flex Cuff Loose
Flex Cuff Open
Flex Cuff Tight
Handcuff Key
Pepper Spray
Smoke Grenade
Stun Grenade
Telescopic Baton
Damaged HD Ballistic Shield
Damaged HD Baton
Damaged HD Binoculars
Damaged HD Breaching Ram
Damaged HD Flashlight OFF
Damaged HD Flashlight ON
Damaged HD Flashlight Small OFF
Damaged HD Flashlight Small ON
Damaged HD Flex Cuffs
Damaged HD Handcuff Key
Damaged HD Handcuffs
Damaged HD Megaphone
Damaged HD Pepper Spray
Damaged HD Smoke Grenade Blue
Damaged HD Smoke Grenade Green
Damaged HD Smoke Grenade Orange
Damaged HD Smoke Grenade Red
Damaged HD Smoke Grenade Violet
Damaged HD Smoke Grenade White
Damaged HD Smoke Grenade Yellow
Damaged HD Stun Grenade
Damaged HD Telescopic Baton
New HD Ballistic Shield
New HD Baton
New HD Beaching Ram
New HD Binoculars
New HD Flashlight OFF
New HD Flashlight ON
New HD Flashlight Small OFF
New HD Flashlight Small ON
New HD Flex Cuffs
New HD Handcuff Key
New HD Handcuffs
New HD Megaphone
New HD Pepper Spray
New HD Smoke Grenade Blue
New HD Smoke Grenade Green
New HD Smoke Grenade Orange
New HD Smoke Grenade Red
New HD Smoke Grenade Violet
New HD Smoke Grenade White
New HD Smoke Grenade Yellow
New HD Stun Grenade
New HD Telescopic Baton
New HD Whistle
Damaged SD Ballistic Shield
Damaged SD Baton
Damaged SD Binoculars
Damaged SD Breaching Ram
Damaged SD Flashlight OFF
Damaged SD Flashlight ON
Damaged SD Flashlight Small OFF
Damaged SD Flashlight Small ON
Damaged SD Flex Cuffs
Damaged SD Handcuffs
Damaged SD Megaphone
Damaged SD Pepper Spray
Damaged SD Smoke Grenade Blue
Damaged SD Smoke Grenade Green
Damaged SD Smoke Grenade Orange
Damaged SD Smoke Grenade Red
Damaged SD Smoke Grenade Violet
Damaged SD Smoke Grenade White
Damaged SD Smoke Grenade Yellow
Damaged SD Stun Grenade
Damaged SD Telescopic Baton
New SD Ballistic Shield
New SD Baton
New SD Binoculars
New SD Breaching Ram
New SD Flashlight OFF
New SD Flashlight ON
New SD Flashlight Small OFF
New SD Flashlight Small
New SD Flex Cuffs
New SD Handcuffs
New SD Megaphone
New SD Pepper Spray
New SD Smoke Grenade Blue
New SD Smoke Grenade Green
New SD Smoke Grenade Orange
New SD Smoke Grenade Red
New SD Smoke Grenade Violet
New SD Smoke Grenade White
New SD Smoke Grenade Yellow
New SD Stun Grenade
New SD Telescopic Baton
Textures Include:
240 Textures for Bump, Normal, Roughness, Metallic, and Transparency Maps (512 x 512 to 4098 x 4098)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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