Teen Girls for Genesis 9

Teen Girls for Genesis 9 contains 5 custom full-body and 5 custom full-head shapes (as morph controls and full-figure presets) to be used with Genesis 9-based characters.

Lots of adjustment morph dials are included as well to further adjust the shape to your needs.

You can use the full-shape presets or the dials for maximum and step-less control. You can even mix the different dials to get completely new shapes. If you like, you can save your own shape presets to be used later again. Multiple adjustment options and dials enable you to tweak the shapes further. For a full list, see below.

The body height, head size, and more are variable (within the set ranges) using the included adjustment dials or the default proportion dials that come with the Genesis 9 Base.

You can also mix the morphs of this product with other morphs, shapes, or characters that are based on Genesis 9.

All morphs are supposed to be used with the Genesis 9 Feminine Base for best results.

The displayed skins, hair, clothing, etc., are not part of this product. This product is NOT a merchant resource.

Teen Girls for Genesis 9 (.DUF)
Shaping Presets:
5 Full-Figure Shapes
Reset Preset
People Morph Dials:
Teen Girl 01 – 05
Teen Girl Proportions 01 – 05
Full Body Morph Dials:
Teen Girl Body 01 – 05
Teen Girl Body 01 – 05 Proportions
Teen Girl Body Height Adjust
Head Morph Dials:
Teen Girl Head 01 – 05
Teen Girl Head Proportions 01 – 05
Teen Girl Head Size Adjust
Face Morph Dials:
Teen Girl Face Variation
Arms Morph Dials:
Teen Girl Arms Length Adjust
Teen Girl Arms Lower Volume Adjust
Teen Girl Arms Upper Volume Adjust
Teen Girl Shoulders Volume Adjust
Chest Morph Dials:
Teen Girl Chest Volume Adjust
Teen Girl Torso Length Adjust
Feet Morph Dials:
Teen Girl Feet Length Adjust
Teen Girl Feet Size Adjust
Hands Morph Dials:
Teen Girl Hands Size Adjust
Neck Morph Dials:
Teen Girl Neck Length Adjust
Teen Girl Neck Volume Adjust
Legs Morph Dials:
Teen Girl Legs Length Adjust
Teen Girl Legs Lower Volume Adjust
Teen Girl Legs Upper Volume Adjust
Waist Morph Dials:
Teen Girl Abdomen Depth
Teen Girl Belly Shape
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