Ultimate Natural Bend Morphs for Genesis 9 Female Base

This is a set of JCMs to enhance the joint bendings of Genesis 9 Female Base characters to appear more natural and appealing. Sculpted in Zbrush for a universal fit, altogether 98 morphs express natural human anatomy and muscular movement.

The major points:

Thigh/Buttock Shape Definition

When the thighs are bent forward, the buttocks express a more natural look. The use of multi-rotational JCMs allows leg movement with minimum distortion at the thigh/pelvis joints and with natural thigh muscular definition. This makes legs flexible enough to take more extreme poses like ballet splits while retaining beautiful and natural thighs.

Bent Knee Definitions

There are four stages of Bent Knee definitions per shin to accommodate the complexity of knee shape shifts when the shin is bent.

Elbow Bend Definition

Carpal bones are defined.

Scapula/Armpit Definition

The scapula movement morphs are connected to the collar bones. Front-Back, Bend Up-Down, and Twist movements are sculpted to express shifting scapula shapes.

Individual Parameter Control

JCMs are categorized individually for easy control and navigation.

You can set the strength of the effect as you like.

All figure images are rendered with Normal Map off.

Ultimate Natural Bend Morphs for Genesis 9 Female Base: (.DUF)

UNBM for Genesis 9 Feminine OFF
UNBM for Genesis 9 Feminine ON
UNBM Feminine Shin Bend L
UNBM Feminine Shin Bend R
UNBM Feminine Shin Twist L
UNBM Feminine Shin Twist R
UNBM Feminine Shoulder Bend L
UNBM Feminine Shoulder Bend R
UNBM Feminine Shoulder Fwd-Back L
UNBM Feminine Shoulder Fwd-Back R
UNBM Feminine Shoulder Twist L
UNBM Feminine Shoulder Twist R
UNBM Feminine Thigh Bend L
UNBM Feminine Thigh Bend R
UNBM Feminine Thigh Side-Side L
UNBM Feminine Thigh Side-Side R
UNBM Feminine Upper Arm Bend L
UNBM Feminine Upper Arm Bend R
UNBM Feminine Forearm Bend L
UNBM Feminine Forearm Bend R
UNBM for Genesis 9 Feminine

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