Ultimate Skin Moisture 2 PRO - SWEAT G8,8.1,9 F&M

Ultimate Skin Moisture 2 Pro uses realistic maps and shaders to give you amazing wet effects! New 8k based maps mean the highest detail possible, and they've all been optimized to be light on your vram!

This standalone, full feature kit gives you everything you need to make your figures hot and sweaty! Simple to use, limited only by your imagination! This kit provides a shell for light, natural skin oil with 6 levels of oily skin from simple forehead and cheek sweat to full body! Droplets and runners are provided as decals with 14 droplet mask shapes and 6 levels of density AND 20 different individual runners to allow you to build your sweat however you want!

– Ultimate Moisture Shells for:
Genesis 8 Female
Genesis 8 Male
Genesis 8.1 Female
Genesis 8.1 Male
Genesis 9 Female/Male (updated to support G9 Breastacular, Golden Palace and Dicktator)

– 7 levels of natural, sweatty skin oil, from simple forehead and cheek sweat to full body oily skin. Also includes 2 texturizing utility tools that allow you to give the oil a more natural rough appearance for close-up or larger renders!

– 84 Droplet decals! – 6 different drop densities with 14 mask shapes each, to use to place sweat drops however you wish!

– 20 individual runner decals! – 6 short, 6 medium, 4 long and 4 extra long runners to ad dramatic runners to your figure that follow gravity!

– G8-8.1 Female presets are compatible with Breastacular, Golden Palace v2+, Lickalicious and Fender Blender by default.
– G8-8.1 Male presets are compatible with Dicktator, MLickalicious and Male Fender Blender by default.
– G9 presets are compatible with Breastacular, Dicktator and Golden Palace!

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