Valentina for Genesis 8 Females

Meet Valentina, Part Sassy, Part Dark, a tiny part evil but an all around natural beauty!
She's a 20 something year old goth who loves anything dark and or creepy, however it's also been said she has a sunny side to her.

If you're looking for your next 'mistress of the dark' or a sweet girl next door, Valentina is ready to fill that role!

1 custom head morph dial
1 custom body morph dial

1 add head shape preset
1 remove head shape preset
1 add body shape preset
1 remove body shape preset
1 add all shape preset
1 remove all shape preset

1 Fibermesh eyebrows with 10 color presets

2 skin sets (Pale & Freckled skin)

1 Daz annatomical elements preset (Works for both skin sets)

2 Pubic hair presets (one for each torso skin set)

2 Remove Pubic Hair Presets (one for each torso skin set)

10 eye color presets + 1 DIY preset
6 eyelash presets
8 lipgloss presets
13 fingernail and toenail presets
24 L.I.E. presets including: 10 eyeliners and 14 eyeshadows

1 round nail morph with 3 size presets
1 square nail morph with 3 size presets

If you're looking for a model that's overflowing with personality and full of potential for all your future projects make sure to give Valentina a home in your Runtime!

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